Really? you might ask. A first blog entry about blogging?


I feel weird blogging, just as I feel weird twittering or have been tumblering. I have tried myspace and the only thing out of all I have more or less gotten used to (though my fingers are hovering over the ‘delete profile’-button at least once a month) is Facebook.

Twittering is just like facebooking, I thought: they give you even less space to send countless messages into a possibly uncaring world, about the chewing gum on the ground you just saw or what you have for dinner. I have been undecided about it for quite a while and I still feel a bit like sleeping with (and I do not mean my way through) the enemy social media, but maybe I am just old-fashioned.

However – here I am, first real blog entry at hand, purring cat next to me. Time to get this thing started.


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