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I Am a Big Girl And I Like It Big

teatime. wordpressRecently I have been invited to a friend‘s house and… no. Let‘s not start like that for if I continue my mates might wonder who I was referring to and why the hell I did not say anything and I would have to admit I was just struggling with a first sentence.
So, let me begin like this: Recently I was flipping through the catalogue of a famous furniture shop. I am always looking forward to their next edition for they have so many great ideas and even if you do not have the money to buy all that stuff in there, they also offer some good advice on giving your own home a new touch with only a few hand grips.

I like all the different categories, but the kitchen part always is my favorite. The colors, the materials, tons of different pots and pans and forms for pretty much every size and use.
Then I came to the cups and glasses and once more I wondered why – apart from looking chic – anyone would buy those tiny vessels. (For everyone who thinks we now have departed to the world of china for doll houses, no, we are still in our everyday one.)
I mean, yes, there are beautiful glasses and cups and they would surely look unique and wonderful in combination with the rest of the decoration I plan for my next dinner, but yes, that‘s what I mostly might buy them for: for decoration.

For myself, for my mundane life so to say, they have to be big: I want a cup that can hold at least 400 ml of tea or coffee. I do not see the sense in any smaller glass than 0.3l either if not for sporty reasons when you are forced to get up over and over again for a refill. That again is something I have to do anyway for who can live that long from such a little amount of liquid? Okay, I know people who drink not much more than that for hours, but they receive the same kind of confused look like adverts that tell you to make sure you drink 1.5-2l a day. Personally, I am over and done with that around noon mostly. So yes, I am one of those whose bag is always heavy for no or only a small water bottle are out of the question.

As much as I like to eat; give me any minuscule plate or cutlery and I am fine. As for bowls: go back to paragraph two. And now I need both hands to get another sip from my thermosbucket cup.


The Coffee Shop Experience

coffeeshop. wordpress I spent my break at work in a coffee shop next door. It is not part of a chain I usually prefer, but it was raining, that one was closest and I had a voucher for a free drink, so hey, why not? My number one shop is in a different country anyway. That and did I mention it was raining?

Honestly? They should offer a coffee-shop-tours if you ask me. City-related, across-Europe or world-wide. If no one has come up with that idea so far, I call dibs on it.
There is some special air only those places have: and it is not just the scent of freshly ground coffee. It is the whole thing: you might find the noise of a huge and exclusive coffee-machine annoying in any other situation, but here, it just belongs and it would not be the same without that or the hum of the coffee grinder, the hiss of the cappuccino creamer, the clacking sounds cups and plates meet or are put down with, the chattering voices around you or the cashier‘s loud one that orders the desired beverages from the barista preparing them.

I love to watch how the single ingredients are put together; a little splash here, a little dash there, some sprinkles maybe… when I am at home I mostly drink my coffee with milk only, steamed one when I wanna go special and on some occasions I even have syrup, but that is as fancy as it gets. In a coffee shop I want it all; the chocolate, the sprinkles, the cream… sometimes the lack of a cocktail- or rather coffee-umbrella is traumatising. Just kidding. But the absence of a cookie next to my café au lait in a café is. No kidding. Forget the little glass of table water when bringing the espresso, but never arrive at my table without the little baked deliciousness. I will not cut down on tips, but it will ruin at least 27 full seconds of my time being there.

Sure, I also like to sit in a nice café and no, it is not he same thing, There is a huge difference between the two of them. Whereas a coffee shop also is for ‘transit traffic‘, cafés are for staying – well, mostly. If you get served and not ignored. Or a football team or hysterically screaming bachelorette-party-planning-committee sits next to you and you cannot just switch places for all seats are taken. But that is worst case scenario and has no place in here.

It must be difficult to offer a comfortable ambience even in a walkthrough-place, but with the right pictures (give me scenes of an Italian baretto or market or overly big cups of coffee anytime), maybe an old, unhandled stone wall and slightly scuffed furnishing you can create a location people will like to return to. If the main ingredients are right, of course. Delicious, fresh coffee, a variety of tea mostly made from complete leaves, cold drinks and some yummy treats, both salty and sweet. And free internet for the time staying. If you feel writer‘s-blocked; take your lappy and or pen and paper and try a coffee shop for inspiration. What does not come out right away will be saved in your mind for later. Works for me at least.

So, off for grabbing some more coffee. See ya.

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