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Me, Myself And Social Media ~Blogtember~

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Unlike many of my friends I got my first computer quite late. I never had a gameboy or anything either and internet was something I first used around the year 2000. The highs and lows of social media came way after that. I must have made my premiere entrance to those realms around the year 2003, (whoot, decennial!!) and my first chats took place in form of every ten seond-messages on my email-account or IMs on boards. Back then I had no net at home and the university computers and my net-mates‘ had different ideas of compatible chat programmes.

I spent a lot of time on RPG-boards, something that might not come to your mind when thinking about forms of social media right away, even though it totally belongs there. I made a lot of connections through those sites; I have met friends there I would not want to miss in my life and who I am sure I might not have gotten in contact with another way.

The same goes for facebook, that I have a love and hate relationship with ever since I registered. I got into closer contact with people I saw many days a week at uni or the jobs, but our friendship only really started to grow during our evening or night long talks. Yes, we had telephones before; (I still remember those lovely old times when we could talk to one and the same person for free for 13 hours had we wished to. Yes, internet gives us back that option, but still it was different with those old telephones… if you do not remember, you might not understand). So we did have phones, of course, but would you really call up a person you do not know that well or send a text message around 11pm or even later just to comment on a line he or she had said sometime during the day? Maybe not. But on facebook, you can. It is less ‚intrusive‘ from time to time. You can reply when you have time and want to. (There is a whole extra book to write concerning the way people behave when using social media, it would take too long to go there now.)
It offers options you can either take and use or leave. It can create both closeness and distance and like one tends to do with many new things, I overused it in the beginning to the point I was about to delete my profiles. I have just recently gotten into things like twitter and blogging, so I cannot really say much about those so far. Now, all of the above, how did it change me? I do not think it did all that much actually or that there was a point where I stopped being my old me and – boom! – became my new me. Social media rather accompanied me and there are a lot of pros and cons about that topic.
All I can tell for sure is that I like my social media and as much as I need a time off of it now and then I would not like to return it and get my money time back. Some of it maybe. So if anyone knows about a time travelling agency nearby, let me know.

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